A Message from the Inaugural WM of President Lodge under the Universities Scheme

I rise for the first time!

A new beginning for the lodge.

I welcome you, a visitor to our website, secure in the knowledge that President lodge 8053 (EC) has been accepted into the Universities Scheme of the United Grand Lodge of England . We become the 50th lodge in the scheme, the second outside the United kingdom and the first in Africa to have joined . We know we have big boots to fill as we seek to build on the progress that the Scheme has made in recent years and we as a team relish the opportunity that has been given us.

On this site there will eventually be numerous messages and reports.

A good place to start would be from the Past Masters of President Lodge, it is important that we read and understand where this lodge comes from and also to understand the farsightedness that they had to relinquish control of the lodge to enable it to be used as a vehicle for the application to the Universities Scheme.

From the District Grand Master outlining the vision within the District of South Africa North and the working together by various lodges to provide services to all of our brethren in the District.

From the Lodge Preceptor providing the insight and plans that we have to put our lodge firmly in the forefront of Masonic education and development as each brother embarks on his Masonic journey.

Reports of our meetings, including our last installation where the transition from old to new was finalised and our first meeting where the first of our candidates was initiated into President lodge.

A link to the Universities Scheme Website is at www.universitiesscheme.com and I strongly recommend that you pay this site a visit.

Websites are dynamic and regularly refreshed - come back often, read the links about Freemasonry in general and the Universities Scheme and President Lodge in particular - if we can assist with further information send us a mail and if you want - sign our guestbook.

With Best Wishes

Chris Adams

WM - President Lodge (8053) 2011 to 2012

A Message from the WM 2014 - 2015

The first year for the first University Scheme Lodge in Africa was something to behold with 9 initiations including a first for the District of South Africa North, being a triple first degree working which was executed flawlessly thanks to the skill, dedication and professionalism of the senior members.

The aim of President Lodge this year is to get as many of those 9 candidates to the level of Master Mason within the first half of the year, as well as drive the recruitment within the universities in and around Johannesburg. We have a number of candidates lining up to partake in our mysteries, however recruitment remains a big focus. The year ahead holds many challenges and opportunities and we look forward to facing them and achieving our objectives.

We believe strongly that the Universities are where we will find tomorrow's leaders for Freemasonry and as such we look forward to welcoming many new young men into our brotherhood.


WM - President Lodge (8053)

2014 / 2015