Please note that all Masonic meetings and activities in South Africa North have been suspended until further notice due to the coronavirus pandemic.

President Lodge

President Lodge, No. 8053 is a Freemasons' Lodge under the United Grand Lodge of England. We meet at Freemasons Hall, Park Lane, Johannesburg, South Africa. President Lodge falls under the Universities Scheme which is aimed at attracting students into Freemasonry. We invite you to peruse this site and then explore some of the links at the top of the page. You can contact us for more information, our details are on the Contact page.

A message from the Master of President Lodge

The Brotherhood of the President Lodge aims at providing an introduction and entree into freemasonry for students at any tertiary educational institution. The intention is to provide students who possess an inclination to a fuller, deeper and more philosophical approach to life, the opportunity of interacting with like minded individuals.

The lodge in its current form has been operating for a relatively short period. Within this period, the results of bringing together a large and varied group of keen and interested younger individuals from diverse origins and backgrounds have proven very successful.

This Scheme invites the young aspiring and inquiring minds of today's higher educational institutions to an ancient fraternity, a Brotherhood whose customs and traditions can be traced back into antiquity, even to the mystery schools of the ancient world.

The achievements of these young men are as remarkable as they are inspiring and I am proud to be associated with this fine body of potential leaders, not only in Freemasonry but indeed to the world in general.

I look forward to the future, as the wonderful example of the President Lodge, and all it espouses and teaches takes its rightful place in society.

A Message from the Lodge Preceptor

Hello, and welcome to the President Lodge Web Site.

President Lodge, a Universities Scheme Lodge of the District Grand Lodge of South Africa, North. The fiftieth Lodge formed under the Banner of the United Grand Lodge of England and the second Lodge formed outside of England positions itself at the very cutting edge of Freemasonry, inculcating all the new thinking 'Renaissance' within Masonry.

The importance of Freemasonry within Society cannot be over stressed - Morality, Truth, Justice and Honesty are the very four cornerstones of our Masonic philosophy and are inculcated in all our teachings and undertakings.

Never before have these basic values been more required than today, in a world of turmoil, corruption and selfish greed. Never before have our internal values and philosophies been so openly displayed. We in the District of South Africa North are starting to bridge the gap between what we actually believe in and practice, and the perceptions of Society as a whole.

President Lodge have careful structured our time table and work program to accommodate the Student calendar. Every caution has been made not to impact on studies and more especially examinations. Our dedicated and experienced team of Masons will guide you through your three degrees and prepare you as a well groomed young mason ready to continue your Masonic journey should circumstance remove you from the Johannesburg area.

Should you be interested in Freemasonry, a student or employed with in an institution of learning and under the age of twenty five, you would be most welcome to contact the Lodge Secretary for further information.

Historical Address - Pre Universities Scheme

In mid 2010 the lodge was in disarray and considering handing in its charter. The economic environment combined with a lack of critical mass in the lodge had made the operating expenses unaffordable. Our choice was to combine with another lodge in the Western Transvaal. After an approach by the DGM we proudly handed over control to a new initiative - the District would use our Lodge as a "Universities Scheme lodge" as a vehicle to promote Masonry amongst young men who had an interest in Masonry.

With a positive approach the Past masters voted to accept the transfer of power, becoming Honorary members was a means of observing and taking a watching brief. To the steering committee we wish you well and remember, its is our Mother Lodge you are driving, please let us jointly be proud of what you accomplish!

W.Bro Rodney Dennet (P Dist SGW)